Walls and Ceilings

I love to create visual surprise in my design. Walls lend themselves brilliantly to this. You can let your imagination loose on their vast planes, making them a quiet backdrop or a fascinating focal point. Ceilings, on the other hand, aren’t for showing off unless you have a historic house with fabulous architectural detailing. Let’s … Continue reading Walls and Ceilings

Flooring Ideas and Considerations

The floor is one of the largest planes of a room and the foundation of the whole scheme. It can be tempting to make decisions about flooring before anything else, but I always advise against it. You want to know the colours and textures of your furniture, walls and soft furnishings first, and then tie … Continue reading Flooring Ideas and Considerations

Architectural Features and the Design Process

Unless you’re having a house built to your specification, you will inherit the architectural features of your home — its core structure. In a period property, you are likely to adopt fireplaces, ceiling roses, doors and windows that juxtapose beautifully with even the most contemporary design scheme. Other existing features can be less desirable. Built-in … Continue reading Architectural Features and the Design Process

The 4 Elements of Good Design

Interior design isn’t purely about letting your creativity run free, it’s also about the layering and interplay between elements of the room. Good design comes from creating an overall effect, not from any one item, colour, texture or material. To achieve this, your design should pay equal consideration to symmetry and balance; scale and proportion; … Continue reading The 4 Elements of Good Design

How to Approach Your Interior Design Project

Whether you’re tackling your home interior design project yourself or working with a designer, it’s crucial that you understand the process. If you don’t, you risk creating a space that doesn’t work for you — it won’t feel like home. It’s likely that you’ll run way over budget too. And that’s a pretty disastrous outcome. I … Continue reading How to Approach Your Interior Design Project

How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home

The decorative paints industry is booming and there has never been more choice when it comes to colours. For the DIY designer, settling on the right colour for a room can be a daunting task. In this article, I’ll answer some common questions, including where to begin with colour, how to use neutrals and accents, … Continue reading How to Choose Paint Colours for Your Home

5 Important Elements of Interior Design

Interior design is a little like baking a cake. You have to add several ingredients with the right tastes and consistencies, and in the correct amounts. The end result is a wonderful mix of layers that create the overall effect. There are so many things to consider when designing a space. Here we take a … Continue reading 5 Important Elements of Interior Design

The Foundations of the Kelly Hoppen Style

People often ask me how my signature look was born. East meets West. Clean lines and neutral tones. Charming warmth and sumptuous opulence. These elements sit at the core of the Kelly Hoppen style. But why? Let’s rewind to 1975 and start at the beginning… East meets West I was 16 years old and loved … Continue reading The Foundations of the Kelly Hoppen Style

Who is Kelly Hoppen MBE?

It was her relentless passion for design, at 16 ½ years-old, which kick started her iconic career. Her first commission, to design a family friend’s kitchen, has led to multiple awards and numerous publishers and businesses continuously seeking her unparalleled expertise. Kelly’s globally renowned and ever-evolving style is underpinned by a subtle coordinated fusion of … Continue reading Who is Kelly Hoppen MBE?