• Creating a digital Masterclass

    Did you know Kelly used to run a successful Design School at her studio in Notting Hill? She hosted of small groups of students from all over the world and these would sell out in minutes!

    That’s why she wanted to create the online Interior Design Masterclass. Now, no matter where you are in the world, you can join in and gain valuable tips and advice directly from Kelly.


  • Becoming an interior designer

    Did you know Kelly started her career in Interior Design at just 16 and a half? From her humble beginnings and first forays into design to building a global business, learn how Kelly took her name from word-of-mouth to being featured in the press.

    Kelly explains the challenges faced during her career and how building a strong network of contacts – as well as trusting your gut – will take you a long way.


  • East meets West design philosophy

    In 1997, Kelly published her first book East Meets West and it completely took the design world by storm. Just as it sounds, this is a fusion of the design styles of both the East and the West, combining ancient Asian traditions with contemporary Western materials.

    This has been solidified as Kelly’s design style and ethos, so Kelly can explain how you can also find your own personal style and how to think outside the box when it comes to sourcing wonderful things in the world to inspire you.


  • Perception of Luxury

    Luxury is a word that’s thrown about a lot recently and can mean different things to different people. Here Kelly breaks down the concept of luxury and explains how luxury can transcend across interiors, fashion and lifestyle.


  • Finding your inspiration

    Inspiration can be a hard thing to come by, but according to Kelly, it’s all about looking in the right places. It’s something you can force, but have to be open to.

    Watch as Kelly explains the key ways to be inspired and also how to look in places beyond a screen – sights, sounds, smells, tastes – they’re all an important way to finding inspiration for design.


  • Organising your inspiration

    Now that you know where to look to be inspired – how do you retain that information? From Pinterest to tear sheets, Kelly will explain her top tips for keeping everything on file. This can either be in your head, on paper or online.

    It’s all about finding what works best for you, so let Kelly talk you through the options available and find your own way to document your inspiration.


  • Travel inspiration

    From Africa to Asia, Kelly finds her inspiration in some of the most remote parts of the world. However, you don’t need a well-stamped passport to be the best.


  • Book inspiration

    In a digital world, it’s easy to lose sight of traditional paper! However, books can be really inspiration when it comes to interior design.

    From what to read to what to display – Kelly explains how books have played a major part in her career. After all, she is an author of best-selling design books. These have taken her from strength-to-strength


  • Inspiration from Galleries

    Sometimes you need a change of scenery to get your inspiration. In this video, Kelly visits the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, London, to show how galleries and museums can spark inspiration from within.

    No matter what your style is, a gallery or museum can get the creative juices flowing and Kelly will show you how to source inspiration from the outside world.


  • Inspiration from Boutiques

    With the world of online shopping at our fingertips, we sometimes lose the urge to hit the high street. However, this is one of Kelly’s main source of inspiration.

    In this video, Kelly visits The Cloth Shop on Portobello Road, London, which is a boutique she uses time and time again in her designs. Sourcing and visiting these boutiques and shops is essential to keeping your creative juices flowing.


  • Decluttering

    What’s the difference between organised mess and clutter? According to Kelly there’s a fine line, but it’s all about finding that balance.

    In this video, Kelly will explain how to edit down a look and what you can do to declutter easily in a way that’s easy for you to do at home or when you are designing.


  • Fashion Inspiration

    From what you wear to what you love, fashion plays a really big part in Kelly’s inspiration. With a keen eye on everywhere from the runway to the High Street, in this video Kelly explains on how to translate what you see in your wardrobe to what you design for a room.


  • How does a room become a room?

    From the base of the design to how it all comes together, Kelly will explain the process of how this comes into reality. Kelly’s Design Considerations are crucial and you should take note on what to do to start the design process as these will ensure your project goes off without fault.


  • Your Concept

    Before you start any design, you need to have a concept. But before you start to lay things out on a board – did you know there is more than one kind? In this video, Kelly will teach you the different between a Concept Board Vs. an Inspiration Board so you can start your design off on the right foot.


  • Introduction to colour

    Kelly’s known for her love of the neutral palette, but there’s so much more to this than meets the eye. For example, did you know there’s over 100 different types of white?

    In this video, Kelly will give you an introduction to colour from an interior designer’s perspective and show you how you can train your eye and brain to select colours.


  • Kelly’s love of Taupe

    Kelly’s unofficial title is the Queen of Taupe and it’s because this is her signature colour that’s included in all of her design. Whether it’s a flash in a wall panel to an entire parquet floor, Kelly uses this colour as her calling-card.

    In this video, Kelly will show you how there are many, many different undertones to Taupe and how it can show up differently when placed next to other colours. At the end of the video, you will be able to determine these differences for yourself.


  • Cream and Sand

    Like all colours, cream & sand have so many layers and undertones to them than what you imagine in your head. It can be hot or cold, hard or soft – it’s important to know how to tell the difference.

    In this video, Kelly will show you the practical applications of these colours and show how to draw out their undertones. From there, you will have the knowledge and confidence to include these in your design.


  • Grey as a Natural

    Grey isn’t always the first colour that comes to mind when you think about the neutral palette, but in this video you will learn how Kelly pairs this with other colours to bring this in and show it with other colours.

    This video should give you the confidence to embrace Grey as a neutral and also understand all the facets of the colour and its applications.


  • Grey Textures

    Now that Kelly has gone through the colour palettes, it’s time to look at different textures. In this video, Kelly will explain what materials and textures you can use that are mostly found in the grey colour palette.

    From leathers to glass, Kelly will show you how to pair these together, what traditionally works and how to edit these down.


  • Beige Textures

    Pairing beige textures together can lead to a world of opportunities – but it can also go wrong! In this video Kelly will show you what fabrics and materials work together and how to edit these down from your initial selection.

    From leathers to glass, Kelly will show you how to pair these together.


  • Taupe Textures

    Kelly’s love of taupe knows no bounds, so it’s unsurprising Kelly knows a thing or two about incorporating texture into this tone. She will show you what to pair and some unexpected combinations.

    By the end of this video, you should have the confidence to select textures for your own projects.


  • Introduction to Bathrooms

    In this video Kelly will give you an introduction into the bathroom and what you need to consider before breaking ground on any design. Coming soon, Kelly will go into each section of the bathroom in detail – but first let’s look at the room as a whole and understand the important aspects of this.


  • Introduction to Kitchens

    It’s often known as the heart and the hub of the home, but there can be more to the kitchen than meets the eye.

    Before Kelly goes into detail on the specifics of kitchen design, come into Kelly’s kitchen and receive an introduction to how kitchens work today. This video will give you the creative insight into how Kelly approaches kitchen design and the different things to take into consideration before starting any project in this room of the home.


  • Kitchen Sinks & Taps

    Kelly talks you through the options available then it comes to designing the sink and worktop areas of your kitchen. There are some important things to consider here and Kelly will tell you from experience. By the end of the video you will be able to make informed choices for you or your clients home when it comes to choosing these elements


  • Kitchen Furniture

    When it comes to picking furniture for a kitchen, there’s a lot of things you need to consider. Due to the practical nature of this room, the furniture needs to be fit for purpose.

    By the end of this video, you will have the confidence to choose the pieces for the room that will look great and work well.


  • Introduction to Living Rooms

    More than any other room, the living room demands careful thought about how it is going to be used, by whom and at what time of day. By the end of this video, you will have received key insight into living rooms through Kelly’s lens, as she discusses her main thought process behind designing this key part of the home, alongside insight into Kelly’s own design tips.


  • Living Room Furniture

    Living rooms are the workhorses of the modern home, often accommodating study, rest and play. They can be private family spaces or more formal – and public – entertaining zones, and are frequently both. Whatever function they perform, they must always ooze comfort and conviviality. Join Kelly in this video as she takes you into her own living room and discusses the thought process behind the furniture and objects within it, whilst discussing considerations you can apply when designing your own living space.


  • Living Room Lighting

    It’s time to let the light in! In this video, Kelly talks you through the different options of lighting available in a living room space. The function of this room obviously differs from the rest of the rooms in the home – so it’s important to take note of the specifics here. By the end of this video, you’ll be able to make the design choices when it comes to lighting in a living room with confidence.


  • How to display accessories

    In this video, Kelly will talk you through the basics of display and the different options available. From taking into account different heights to different ways of grouping – listen as Kelly explains what she does with different types of accessories.

    By the end of this video, you’ll have some new ideas of how to style your home and we’ll go into more detail on the individual types of display in later videos.


  • Candles and Scent

    There’s more to a home than how it looks. Kelly has a nose for which scents will complement a home. From her signature Scent One available from kellyhoppen.com to how she chooses different scents for each room, Kelly will talk you through how to incorporate these.

    If you would like to create your own scent, Kelly gives you her top tips on how to start this process.


  • Soft Furnishings

    Once you’ve picked the ‘hard surfaces’ in the home, it’s time to pick the soft furnishings to complement these. In this video, Kelly will talk you through the different options available and the considerations that need to be thought about before you even make a purchase.

    From cushions to curtains, carpet and rugs – by the end of this video you will have the confidence to make considered design


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